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Please note that the Key Worker service can take place at our clinic at World of Wellbeing in Canberra, or we can travel to your home, schools, childcare, or other settings- anywhere in the ACT or Braidwood Palerang Region.

COVID safety protocols are in place.



FEE NOTICE: If your child does not have NDIS funding, we are able to offer support with alternate fee arrangements at BRAIDWOOD PALERANG EARLY INTERVENTION.


We can provide services regardless of whether your child qualifies for the NDIS. Sometimes starting the intervention and therapy means your child moves mountains and the journey with us is short. However, if your child qualifies for the NDIS, we help you access this support as we know this can be an overwhelming process for you and your child.


If your child's NDIS Plan is Self Managed or you have a Plan Management Agency assisting you with your funds, then you are able to access services from BRAIDWOOD PALERANG EARLY INTERVENTION. 

If you have concern about your child but do not yet have access to the NDIS, you can start the process of registering with the NDIA by following this link: Applying to access the NDIS | NDIS

Feel free to contact us if you are unsure of any of the above and we will be happy to assist you further.

Key Worker Service

Supporting with:

- Language and communication

- Motor skills

- Sensory processing

- Learning, memory and cognition

- Social skills

- Self- care

- School readiness skills

- Emotional regulation

- Anxiety

- Behaviour support

You may simply have concerns about an area of your child's development, or your child may have needs across multiple disciplines? Maybe you're are tired of being on waitlists for certain therapies? Then having a Key Worker is a great way to start the intervention required to support them in reaching their goals. 

As a Key Worker, we become the main contact for your family and your child and collaborate with other therapists to ensure we are successfully implementing strategies and supports across all disciplines relevant to your child’s care. We will manage and organise for the right assessments and reports with the appropriate professionals, and assist you in being ready for NDIS plan reviews and other important meetings.

We take pride in helping you to implement a number of supports including therapy informed strategies, emotional support, offering information and advice in a variety of settings including at home, schools, childcare, and other places your child attends.  We might work with you over a number of years and forming a partnership is a key phrase in describing how we will become a strong team around your child. By identifying goals for your child and family, direct support and linking you with other professionals and the broader community can all be achieved. 

Having a Key Worker is a great way to ensure consistent communication and productivity across your child’s entire early intervention team.

Little Farmers 

The Little Farmers programs cater for children 2-12 years old who may require support in areas of their development. Your child does not need to have an NDIS Plan to attend these fun workshops, and we can even assist you in confirming concerns and linking you in with the NDIS if needed. The programs are scheduled with fun and exciting activities that aim to support each child’s development in the following areas:

  • Social skills

  • Language and communication skills

  • Emotional regulation & behaviour support

  • Sensory Skills

  • Fine and gross motor skills

  • Cognition and problem solving


Run by teachers who are all experienced in working with children with additional needs, we even have therapists who visit occasionally! Each day children will be greeted with a schedule board that outlines the order of activities over the hour and a half in which they attend. Parents are welcome to leave their children although we encourage them to stay and learn the skills we model through our interactions during this time.

 Activities include growing vegetables, caring for our friendly farm animals, daily egg collections, baking, soap making, and plenty more! Children will be able to take home their creations each week.

Running week days from 10:00 – 11:30am, and 3:45 - 5:15pm, this program is offered in 4 week blocks during the school terms.

Woolworths supports our program and donates a weekly fruit box to our families who attend! For further information and dates for the next program, please call 0431 982 262 or send an email to  

Please note that a Service User Agreement will need to be completed and returned prior to your child’s attendance.


The Director

Annabel Yagos: Director, Key Worker, Early Intervention Teacher (Bachelor Primary Education, Grad'Diploma in Early Childhood, Diploma in Community Services, Grad' Certificate of Psychology/ Master of Neuro-Science- current)

I am an early intervention teacher and a key worker which means I offer a range of early intervention therapies to children aged 0-15 years. Whether your child has NDIS funding, or you have concerns regarding any area of your child’s development, I can assist. I offer developmental assessments and therapy supports to help your child reach goals, and I can help you to access and navigate the NDIS journey if needed. With years of experience in education, allied health, and studying a broad range of areas including education, early childhood, neuroscience and psychology, I have a range of knowledge and lived experience with trauma and disability that has formed my unique service. I am passionate about creating the warmest of environments and best supports for your child and your family.

Developmental areas that I assist include speech and communication, behavior, social skills, learning memory and cognition, emotional regulation, motor skill development, anxiety, sensory processing, and school readiness. I am always collaborating with other allied health professionals to combine recommended therapies with my own professional knowledge and creative passions. This results in powerful and fun experiences to support your child’s development. As a mother of four children myself, I am a strong advocate for ensuring all members of the family are looked after as this means there is a confident and strong network of support. This may include help with parenting, emotional coaching, sibling understanding, or social services.

I have a particular passion for combining teaching strategies with health rehabilitation and support systems to ensure every child I work with maximises their potential to achieve well academically and socially. A session with me may involve music, play, craft and much more! In addition to servicing the Braidwood Palerang region, I have a clinic in the ACT at the World of Wellbeing. Working along side the team at World of Wellbeing and the osteopaths at Canberra Osteopathic Centre is an added advantage as I know (from my own personal health journey) the amazing outcomes that can be achieved when surrounded by such amazing professionals. 

My other passions include music, craft, performing arts, and the outdoors. I love to combine Music and The Arts to assist children in developing self confidence and maintaining a positive mindset. I moved from the UK as a child, and my involvement in an accident shortly after arriving in Australia saw me learning to develop strategies for living with disability myself.  So I have a huge compassion and a strong, personally driven commitment to providing the warmest support to children and their families.


Appointments are available in Braidwood Palerang Region, and also at The World of Well being in Woden, ACT.


PHONE: 0431 982 262

World of Well-Being: 02  6260 4774


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